Monday, May 25, 2015

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Travelers checks are the safest way to carry foreign currency when traveling, but are no longer as readily accepted worldwide. If traveling to European Common Market countries, purchase Euro travelers checks which can be used in any member countries. If traveling as a couple, ask your bank about dual signature travelers checks. In some countries, you may pay a surcharge for cashing traveler's checks at a bank.
Carry some cash with you in the currency of the country you are visiting as some establishments do not accept credit cards. Check American $ currency is accepted as payment in foreign countries you will be visiting.
You chould use ATMs for cash withdrwals in the US and foreign countries. Find out which ATM network will work with your bankcard (Cirrus, Honor, etc.) and if that network is readily available in countries you intend visiting. Choose a PIN (personal identification number) you will easily remember. Using an ATM in a foreign country is convenient, and ensures cash is readily available from your account when traveling. Most banks charge a fee for every ATM cash and foreign exchange transaction. Remember, it is safer and worth the extra expense to withdraw more smaller amounts of cash from ATM's when needed than fewer larger amounts of cash that could easily be stolen or lost. ATMs are more common in Europe than they are in other parts of the world, and may not be available in some Asian or African countries. 
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